Jboxcoin Token Swap


Jboxcoin would like to thank you all for being with us for last few months and following our journey. We are deeply honoured and glad to have your support.

Here is an important announcement: Jboxcoin will release an updated version of JBX token, following the ongoing development of the jbox platform and native blockchain. Only after 27th May 2018, the JBX buyers have our preliminary (temporary) tokens with limited functionality. After 27th May 2018, all holders will automatically receive by airdrop their replacement tokens in the same wallet they currently hold JBX token.

Note that wallet users must use the new jboxcoin contract address in any wallet (e.g. MyEtherWallet) and remove (ignore) the old address. The etherscan.io website will continue to show the old token balance unless the wallet holder chooses to burn them.

The new token will be easily transferred on any exchange.
Jboxcoin will only support development and usability of the new token for its products and services. The old token will continue to exist but will have no value and no utility.

We advise all members that has jbx token on stocks.exchange to transfer their tokens to myetherwallet or trustwallet before May 27th..
After This swap we expect to list JBX on more exchanges.




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